Niam Chauhan is one of the youngest violin dealers in the world.

Niam Chauhan

Niam realised his passion for old violins and making at the age of 13; this is when he established his business, NC Violins. Now 22 and having studied at the renowned Newark School of Violinmaking, he is a professional luthier and dedicates a lot of his time to research– be it reading or handling fine instruments.

Niam has gained an extensive client base, having worked with collectors, professional orchestral players, conservatory professors and students from all over the world.

Niam also co-directs the Malta Fine Instrument Society. Read more about this here.

A message from Niam Chauhan

I only offer and sell items that are of good condition, playability and presentation.

I have had the great opportunity of working with clients from all over the world, who are looking for instruments to own. Effort and time are given to gauge my client’s needs and match them with the best instrument(s).

Read testimonials of my service – Here

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Map of clients across the world
A map showing the countries (blue) of Niam’s clients.
NIam with a G.B Guadagnini
Me with the “Ex-Merter” Guadagnini, 1769. (courtesy of Florian Leonhard). My favorite violin of all time! 23/10/16
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