Bow Rehairs/Repairs

I have a specialist in bows who regularly comes from London to Southend for me. He has been able to rehair bows by many of the greatest names (Dominique Peccatte, Victor Fetique, Eugene Sartory etc), belonging to a selection of the finest musicians in London.

If you’re based in Essex, then you will find this convenient as we can save you the time of travelling to London! While a waiting period to collect your bow is normal, we also have a limited number of slots for same-day collection. 

If you’re based in London, my specialist is very happy to meet you anywhere centrally for an easy collection/drop-off.

Violin, viola, and cello bows. We are able to offer the following work to you:

  • Rehairing- £75

  • New thumb leather

  • New silver lapping

  • New faceplate

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