Violins from £2500 to under £5000

The violins for sale are set-up and have no condition issues, or have been restored to a professional standard. My stock is always changing, so it’s best to talk to me about what’s available! The majority of violins for sale here are antique. However, fine modern examples are always available.

A violin by Laberte, Mirecourt, c.1900

Laberte front white (2)

H.E. Blondelet, 1928

white front

A German Violin

White front

Richelme, 1873white front

A fine English Violin

comp front white

Hermann Dolling JR

dolling white front

Erik Eriksson, 1956

Furudal front white

A Violin, c.1750


An Italian Violin, c.1940


Fine French Master Guarneri Copy


Michael Stadlmann – Vienna, 1787


Other instruments include:

Joseph Grienberger

Pierre, Saint- Paul

View some of the reviews left by customers here and on google.

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