Below are the following services that I offer:


With hundreds of hours experience acculumated in cleaning instruments of all conditions and origin, you can be sure that that your instrument’s varnish will not just be carefully preserved, but also brought back to life. If your instrument is antiqued, any patina original to the making will not be lost. A light English-recipe polish blend will be applied after cleaning, and this is to protect your instrument from general day-to-day handling.

I do not offer French polishing, this is an outdated and invasive practise. My cleaning rates are hourly, so it’s best to make sure that you give your instrument a gentle dry wipe after each playing to minimise this cost!

Fittings- chinrests, tailpieces, etc

Looking for new fittings to change the sound of your instrument? I’ll be more than happy to to advise you on how each wood/material affects this- each has its own advantage!

Want fittings for your instrument which are classic and elegant in look, or want them to have a bit more flair? We’ve got you covered, with over 50 model/wood varieties of chinrest and tailpiece, and over 30 for pegs! Not sure where to begin? I will be happy to advise you on which are best suited to your needs, as well as comfort for chinrests!

Peg fitting



Tailpiece fitting (including the tailpiece of your choice)

New tailgut

New chinrest

Peg fitting (including choice of 4 highest-quality pegs)

Peg fitting (pegs not included)

Peghole bushing

Saddle fitting

General Maintenance

Open seam gluing

Soundpost retrieval/fitting/adjustment

New soundpost (including fitting)

Advanced bridge fitting

Recycled bridge fitting

Violin surface cleaning

String installation + lubrication of upper saddle and bridge (strings not included)

We stock various Pirastro and Thomastik string brands

Consultations on choice of strings for your desired tonal outcome are possible on arrangement.

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