Below are some kind testimonials I have received for my service as a dealer and luthier.

“Mr. Niam Chauhan’s professionalism is absolutely outstanding and his knowledge of instruments is that well beyond his years. He took care with helping me choose the right instrument and made sure every concern I had been heard. Clear communication in a timely manner, I’ve never had such a delightful experience! I look forward to working with Mr. Chauhan again.” – Canada

A special kind of testimonial… “Hi Niam. A little something for you. Thank you so much for this amazing violin. It’s my best companion! All the best to you.”- UK, from a violinist who is also a wonderful artist

“Great professional, serious and very honest, surprising with his young age, totally recommended doing business with him. He does this with enthusiasm and passion and that augurs a great future for him. I bought from him a magnificent violin (Hermann Dolling Jr.) at a great price and I hope to continue doing business with him.” – Spain

“I visited Niam after December, coming from France. Before this, we had talked a lot over the phone to talk about my requirements and get to know each other. It was all very pleasant and professional.
He presented to me 8 instruments in my budget range, and everything from history to condition was discussed. We played through the violins deciding which ones I did and did not like, and this took a long time. He was very happy to listen and help. I chose finally my Dieudonne, so we did some soul adjustments and other things until I was fully happy. He made sure of this.
Even though he is very young, he does his job very well with passion. Niam had great instruments, is honest, and was all the way very friendly. We ended this with dinner together at his expense.
This was a great experience and recommend Niam to anyone looking for a professional instrument. I hope to continue doing business with him.” – France

“Niam is one the most out going and friendliest dealers i have ever met. At just 16 years of age, he owns numerous fine violins and has an exceptionally large knowledge bank about violins. I have recently purchased a nice old violin from him and the purchase was done smoothly. The violin was packed very safely in a case with padded foam and also a huge box with loads of protection. The violin reached me in just 3 days! (Im located in singapore while he is in the UK). I was pleasantly surprised with the violin when i tried it out. Niam takes every effort to clear any doubts i may have and replies promptly too. He expands his already huge arsenal of violins regularly to cater to the needs of every individual. He is a fine craftsman/artisan too as the bridge that came with the violin was made by him. The bridge height was perfect for me. Overall, this was an extremely good purchase and i’ll purchase anyday from Niam again!” – Singapore

Highly recommend. Very pleasant, price competitive, professional. Gave some good advice” – UK

“The service Niam provides is top grade. He is a young, honest professional who has an impressive and extensive knowledge of violins. I recently purchased a lovely Maggini (copy) violin from Niam and have never been more pleased. I am looking forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.” – Canada

“I recommend it. Very nice contact, pleasant and professional. Interesting & nice instruments:-) All the best for the future!” – Switzerland

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