Violin bow by T. Kovacs, Paris- Gold mounted

Made in 2007. A violin bow mounted in gold, with a length of 74.3cm, and a weight of 59g. This bow is of exceptional quality, everything flows quite well together, and I personally think the choice of pernambuco compliments the gold mounts very well.

Tibor Kovacs graduated from the Cremona regional school of bowmaking in 1998, before going on to work with Emilio Slaviero. After this in 2003, Tibor moved to Paris to work for Jean Francois Raffin as his assistant for 3 years. He is now partnered with Guy Coquoz at Rue de Rome 46.

Comes with the maker’s certificate. In excellent condition.

Price: £5,000

For more information or to make an offer- please call: +44(0)7872890106, email:, or use the contact form below:

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